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ADG/Architecture & Design Group, Ltd. is a full service, professionally licensed architectural firm located in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Founded in 1986, ADG provides exemplary services for clients throughout southern Illinois and Indiana. ADG consists of an experienced architectural staff which works with rigor in an atmosphere of honesty, commitment, cooperation, communication and loyalty. The firm is devoted to extending this environment to the clients, contractors, consultants, public officials and others involved throughout the course of a project. ADG takes great pride in its professional relationships and works diligently to achieve the present and future goals of each client.

For over 30 years ADG has continued to provide professional architectural design, plans, specifications and construction administration for health care facilities, schools, churches, banks, libraries, industry, and other commercial entities. ADG is a licensed professional service corporation in the state of Illinois and has also provided architectural services for local governmental entities as well as the State of Illinois Capital Development Board. ADG is a recognized firm with the Illinois Department of Human Rights.

From project conception and programming to project completion and close-out, the professionals at ADG emphasize superior quality, efficiency, and reliability. ADG is experienced with the local region regarding contractor performance and construction practices and is committed to maintaining a keen awareness of the complex and ever-changing construction environment.   The mission of ADG is to maintain a positive client relationship while delivering an exciting project for the owner and community.

ADG works with clients in developing building programs of varying levels of complexity, suiting the needs of the scope of work and the client. The architects at ADG give form to the client’s ideas by setting forth objectives, collecting, forming and analyzing information, formulating functional relationships, establishing priorities, and conceiving the appropriate spaces and forms. From working with a single contact owner/client, to interviewing multiple levels of staff and personnel, ADG diligently gleans the information from the clients and users to develop a building program that will streamline the functionality of the finished product and ensure that all needs are met to the fullest extent in conjunction with the project budget.

Design Capability
ADG has a diverse portfolio of projects consisting of various construction types and complexity of scope. Projects include everything from multi-million dollar healthcare facilities, middle schools and high schools, to facility maintenance and energy improvements. ADG takes pride in the wide breadth of their project experience. A majority of ADG’s projects are new commercial construction and renovations, therefore steel frame and load bearing masonry are two common structural prototypes ADG employs; pre-engineered steel, precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, and wood framed structures are also utilized. In addition to building design, ADG has performed feasibility studies and master planning for churches, school districts, and hospitals. Additionally, ADG has conducted and prepared Health Life Safety surveys, HLS amendments, and multiple maintenance and energy efficiency grants for various school districts in the southern Illinois region through the Illinois State Board of Education.

Design Scheduling
ADG takes pride in consistently delivering a timely final product that meets client project schedule expectations. Planning for the efficient use of manpower and resources allows ADG to achieve an economical, functional, and harmonious design, executed within a reasonable time period. Projects of a typical scope allow ADG to separate the design effort into four or five phases, depending on complexity: Schematic design and design development (sometimes combined on smaller projects), construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. ADG works closely with clients to extend or compress the design schedule to meet client needs.

Project Budget Estimating
In any economy, establishing a reliable budget figure is important to a client in analyzing the feasibility of a project. ADG strives to provide the client with the most accurate project budget estimate possible. The architects at ADG work closely with clients in determining project size, level of quality, and construction cost, all of which form the foundation of the project budget. Recognizing the importance of meeting budget constraints, ADG meticulously analyzes all components of the project to formulate a reliable construction cost estimate at multiple stages of the design process, allowing the client to amend project parameters as necessary to meet project requirements. ADG is able to assist the client with assessing the viability of a project using a deep familiarity with local and regional contractors’ means and methods and the bidding climate of the region.

ADG believes a primary method of introducing the importance of sustainability into our communities is through the exhibition of the ways in which commercial buildings are built and how they operate in that environment. The architects at ADG work to develop a discourse with the client concerning their views on the environment, formulate a building program based upon this discourse while being engaged with the historical, functional, and social platforms of the institution, and design a structure tailored to the wants and needs of the client, reinforcing client ideals.

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